• Baby behind bars

    Bethany’s Blog

    I have often been asked to share my story and that seemed logical, but I hesitated as it seemed it would require me to get too personal. I agreed the story could possibly help make the world a better, more empathetic place in some way. I wanted to handle it from a third person perspective. […]

  • Malibu

    The Mission

    Our mission is to provide relief and support for children struggling with the absence of a loved one due to incarceration. Together, our arms  and hearts can wrap around this issue one child at a time. According to the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs, having a parent in prison can “have an impact on a child’s mental health, social […]

  • Communication

    Incarceration Tool Kits from Sesame Street

      Sesame Street Press Release   In June 2013, the residents of Sesame Street  acknowledged that a growing portion of their viewing audience is impacted by the incarceration of a parent. In a joint effort to educate the public and care takers, Sesame Street and their partners have created a tool kit consisting of tips, […]

  • FCC

    The FCC & The Wright Petition

    On August 9th, 2013, Martha Wright’s decade long fight against the big business known as prison privatization came to an emotional vote on the FCC floor. In a 2-1 victory, Acting Chair Mignon Clyburn and Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel voted to end the interstate call price gouging to the families with incarcerated loved ones. The agency […]

  • Daddy and his boys.

    The Motivation

    I am raising two of the millions of children impacted with an incarcerated parent. The issues surrounding these children need a face or the public will not empathize nor begin to understand the challenges. It’s time to meet some of the impacted invisible victims. When we started out on this journey, our family didn’t know how this […]

  • Our future leaders

    The Children

    In the United States 2.7 million children are currently dealing with the complications associated with an incarcerated parent.  There are more children dealing with this crisis silently at home than there are people in some of our country’s largest and most powerful cities. In order to help these children feel less alone, less misunderstood and less confused, it […]