• Boys headed to fly.

    Collateral Consequences

    Study: Parental incarceration may be worse than divorce A lot of research has been done on how divorce and death affect children, but not much research can be found on parental incarceration and children’s health. The articles that are available may identify the issue, but lack suggestions to the followup action. Seeing the impact of parental incarceration […]

  • #endthetrend

    Challenge = Change

    “When a person is sent off to prison, it is not just that person that is affected, but his or her family,” he said. “So, at the very least, the children have the psychological loss of a parent who is behind bars – the shame, the stigma that often goes along with that.” – Marc Maur, executive […]

  • Devin at Skins game.

    Create & Cultivate

    A collaboration of professionals, corporations and compassion is required to help change the future for these children – the invisible victims. Will you help?   The book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell references a study of third graders by sociologist Annette Lareau. In this study, Lareau immersed her team in twelve families to research the difference between […]

  • Be Gentle

    Be Gentle with Yourself

    I have had so much to write about lately that I haven’t written at all. A condition a mentor of mine calls “analysis paralysis”. August seemed tougher than most. Summer should be relaxing and calm, but single parenting the two boys running around, holding down the job, the dogs, the financial obligations, etcetera the reality […]

  • David Rae Morris for USA TODAY


    I always look forward to my annual trip with one of my besties to California. This trip somehow always leads to reflection and deep conversation of where we are now versus where we were this exact time last year. While some things are hilariously identical from year to year, we always note how we are […]

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    Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day! It’s that Sunday of the year where we salute the fathers in the world. In our house my kids have a caring and involved dad. He was the only guy on the field trip dad, the master chef, the king of the grill, the homework dude, and the human jungle gym. He […]

  • Weldon

    FAMM – Families Against Mandatory Minimums

    Since being involved in the web of incarceration, I have had encounters with organizations and people I wouldn’t have ever met if not in this circumstance. You know how you buy a new car and all of a sudden everyone has that car? Or you are pregnant and all of a sudden every pregnant woman […]

  • Serendipity

    Serendipity – Part 1

    ser·en·dip·i·ty   I have heard the word “serendipity” before, but admittedly was never sure what it meant. I decided to pay it some attention after reading Hill Harper’s, “Letters to an Incarcerated Brother“, where he touches on the topic. Several aspects of Harper’s book served as a therapeutic AND educational resource for me on more than […]

  • Mother's Day Love

    Mother’s Day

    First off, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the moms, dads acting as moms and care givers raising anyone’s children not your own! I greet today with mixed emotion. I’m so grateful for the two little boys that are mine. They remind me that today is a day I can enjoy and celebrate because of my little […]

  • Malibu

    The Mission

    Our mission is to provide relief and support for children struggling with the absence of a loved one due to incarceration. Together, our arms  and hearts can wrap around this issue one child at a time. According to the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs, having a parent in prison can “have an impact on a child’s mental health, social […]

  • Daddy and his boys.

    The Motivation

    I am raising two of the millions of children impacted with an incarcerated parent. The issues surrounding these children need a face or the public will not empathize nor begin to understand the challenges. It’s time to meet some of the impacted invisible victims. When we started out on this journey, our family didn’t know how this […]

  • Our future leaders

    The Children

    In the United States 2.7 million children are currently dealing with the complications associated with an incarcerated parent.  There are more children dealing with this crisis silently at home than there are people in some of our country’s largest and most powerful cities. In order to help these children feel less alone, less misunderstood and less confused, it […]